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The ElvenStar Studios Statement of Ethics
Astrology, Chiron, Zodiac, Septagram
  • Do no Harm.
  • Earn the trust of others by being trustworthy.
  • Act with honor; treat all people with courtesy, respect, honesty, and integrity.
  • Provide the best service of which we are capable.
  • Exchange service that is at least equivalent in value to what is received. When in doubt, err by providing value greater than that received.
  • Regard all information divulged by clients as confidential; do not divulge any knowledge gained to another person, entity, or organization—save what is needful to protect the safety of the defenseless or required by law.
  • Cherish the wondrous nature of Deity as expressed by the incredible diversity within the human race. All people, regardless of origin or circumstance, are to be considered to be manifestations of the Divine in physical form.
  • Do not presume to judge others by standards that apply to us, but may not apply to them.
  • Know Thyself. The services provided by ElvenStar Studios are intended to assist our clients towards Self-Knowledge, and we must hold ourselves as exemplars to this standard. To serve our clients, we must know—prior to any interpretation, reading, or consultation—whether we are acting from a position of honest self-knowledge and must acknowledge—and negate—all personal agendas that may tarnish the integrity and honesty of our services.
  • Celebrate the free will of others; we will not use our authority, skills, or knowledge to coerce, manipulate, or entice our clients to relinquish their right of self-determination or guide them toward a specific course of action.
  • Avoid hubris. We will not make claims of omniscience, exalted or “ascended” status, or access to spiritual wisdom that others may not access; such claims are false.
  • We wish only for the manifestation of the Best and Highest Good for all people with whom we do business.


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