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My Solar Return
Astrology, Chiron, Zodiac, Septagram

Today is my birthday! In astrology, this day is called my "Solar Return" because today (at 12:43 PM, Pacific Daylight time to be exact), the Sun moves to 28°n59', which is its precise position in my natal chart. The Solar Return is considered to be a time to reflect upon my place in the world, to examine the changes that have taken place in my life--and especially in my perception of myself--over the past year, and to anticipate (and hopefully plan) what I want to accomplish in the coming year. Rather than New Years, the birthday is a much more sensible and natural time (at least astrologically) for me to make resolutions  to become a better, more successful, and happier person.

One of my major birthday resolutions this year is to launch and maintain this blog. Let's hope that I can keep it. <G>

Compass Rose Astrology engages in a much more detailed analysis of a person's chart than simply looking at the Zodiac sign and House that a particular planet occupies. The Compass Rose examines the planetary influences down to the Dwadashamsa. A Dwadashamsa (sometimes shortened to Duad) is one-twelfth of a zodiac sign and is 2.5° wide. Each Duad is considered to express slight--but significant--variations on the overall qualities, reactions, and strategies that are represented by a particular Zodiac sign. In my natal chart, the Sun is located in the very last Duad of Leo--which, by definition, puts it on the Virgo cusp--and is called Cancer of Leo. In Compass Rose Astrology, the Cancer of Leo Duad is associated with the meditative image called "The Ruling Queen:"

She reclines upon a gracefully delicate throne carved from serpentine with mother-of-pearl inlays upon its high-arched back that rests upon an ancient and hallowed millstone. Her long gray hair is intricately interwoven through emerald-encrusted electrum filigree of her elegantly-designed crown. Her scepter of iron and obsidian appears to be crudely made, though it is a greatly venerated artifact from the earliest days of her country's history.  Though she is now quite aged, and her plump belly and breasts are sagging beneath her brocaded gown, the great beauty she possessed in her youth is still apparent in her mischievous, dimpled smiles, and the flirtatious twinkle in her eyes when she apprehends the attentions of the young men in her court. Despite the long--and often bitter--years of her rule, she delights in the company of children, and she has filled her court with her children's children, and with the scions of the courtiers of her youth. Oftentimes the lofty, marble-sheathed hall of her royal court has more the appearance of a nursery than of the center of government of a small, but wealthy and secure land. She is greatly loved by her subjects, who delight in referring to her as "the Crown Mum"--often in her presence, and in her hearing. She knows that she is swift-approaching the end of her days, and she looks upon her life, and her reign, with a quiet sense of serenity and acceptance of all that she has accomplished. Her subjects, however, dread the time when the crown passes to her heir, because he is neither loved nor respected and most people see that the end is near--not only for their Queen's life, but for the era of peace and prosperity that has been her legacy.

Compass Rose Lesson: "Love, compassion, and a gentle hand are the most greatly desired traits to temper the Will and the Right of Rulership."

As each sign of the Zodiac progresses towards its cusp, the energy, responses, and means of expression for that sign are gradually diluted with the energy of the next sign until the last Dwadashamsa is considered to be the "weakest" expression of any sign's particular qualities. This is not always a bad thing, as this Meditative Image and Compass Rose Lesson for Cancer of Leo suggests. Leo, by the most fundamental qualities of its nature, is highly--sometimes tiresomely--extravagant, indulgent, indolent, and willful. The unadulterated energy of Leo is terrific for someone who can spend his or her days ordering other people around and having sycophants fawn upon their every whim. Leo is the Native Sign (the sign that most perfectly addresses the life issues of a particular House) of the Fifth House, which is the House that indicates much of our creativity, as well as how we play, our relationships with children, our ability to be sexually playful, and the relationships we form with sexual partners who are not our spouses. This association with the 5th House emphasizes that Leo is the sign most strongly associated with Eros, or sexual love, and with a playful and carefree celebration of one's sexuality. However this influence is substantially mitigated in Cancer of Leo by the Cancerian compulsion (which is substantially fear-based) to engage in both nesting and nurturing behaviors with other.  For some people with this Duad strongly expressed in their charts, this influence guides them to rely upon their Leoine sexuality to give and receive nurturance, and/or they find that they must engage in nesting behaviors in order to feel comfortable with expressing their sexuality.


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