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What is the Relevance of Horoscope Interpretations?
Astrology, Chiron, Zodiac, Septagram
When using your Astrological interpretation, please bear in mind that Astrology is not “fortune telling;” it does not “predict the future,” nor does it determine or show a person’s “fate” or “destiny.” Astrology no more predicts the future than a weather report predicts the future. Astrology is a means of analyzing subtle environmental influences that are not recognized by the Western scientific-empirical paradigm. Factors such as genetics, other environmental conditions, and—most important—free will have just as strong—if not stronger—influence in the development of the individual as the influences of the planets.
Never take any aspect of an Astrological interpretation from ElvenStar Studios (or any other astrological service) as a “predictor of the future” and never believe that the movements of the planets can ever supersede your own free will in determining the direction of your life.
Also, please be aware that, in almost all cases, a horoscope will contain information that seems contradictory, mutually exclusive, or in conflict. These are frequently the most accurate elements of any person’s horoscope because every person is a conflicting mass of contradictory emotions, goals, and abilities. It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesize these apparent contradictions—by means of the “Judgments” interspersed throughout the interpretation—to present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the challenges that are present in each horoscope.
If Astrology doesn’t predict the future, what good is it? Temple of Apollo at Delphi had the words “Gnôthi Sauton”—“Know Thyself” chiseled in the wall where all could see as they sought the wisdom of the Oracle... This statement is as relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago and admonishes all those who would seek enlightenment that the first step in that journey demands self-knowledge. The Natal Horoscope is a powerful tool in making that step because, according to the theoretical foundations of Astrology, each individual’s Natal template “impresses” itself upon a child as the natural pattern, or “Natal Imprint” and that imprint exerts a subtle pressure upon the development of an individual’s personality, identity, and other elements of his or her psyche. The Natal Horoscope then describes the “template” of the planetary influences that existed at the moment of birth (variously described as the moment the infant was separated from its mother’s body or the instant of the first unassisted breath). Understanding your Natal Horoscope (and attendant interpretation) can give you valuable insights into aspects of your personality that otherwise defy explanation. They can explain why, when genetics and environment are so similar, one member of a family is at odds with everyone else in that same family or one brother is a successful businessman while another is hopeless with money but is a fantastic artist.

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