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ElvenStar Studios

Compass Rose Astrology

Bjoern-Erik Hartsfvang
21 August 1960
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I have been a student and practitioner of several different psychic/mystical/ metaphysical/spiritual practices for 30 years, and I now work as a professional Psychic Advisor, Astrologer, Numerologist, Psychic Healer, Runic Magician, and teacher.

My training is as a Wiccan High Priest, (I am forbidden by oath and the laws of my Tradition from using my priesthood for monetary gain, although I can use many of the skills I've learned in my studies in my business) and I am a 4th Degree Master in the Hermetic Order of the Astral Compass, a 350 year old Hermetic order that is built around the practice of what we call Compass Rose Astrology and Compass Rose Numerology. I have been studying the Runes (the core of the mystical practices of the ancient Scandinavian peoples) for 24 years; for all outward appearances I am entirely self-taught in the Runic Mysteries, but most of the knowledge that I have in the Runes was given to me by the Vanir; the most ancient of the Norse deities who have called me to serve Them in this lifetime.

ElvenStar Studios, Ltd. is the name of my business, a for-profit corporation in Washington state. It is through ElvenStar Studios that I provide my professional services. I've started this blog to promote my business, to raise people's awareness of what services I can provide, and to try and educate people about the various and sundry disciplines associated with my professional practice.

Most of the postings that I'll be making on this site are essays about specific topics that are germaine to my practice and my life. I encourage you to look through the archives of my postings; you won't find things about what I did last weekend, but you may find an essay about something that could educate, enlighten, irritate, enrage, or stimulate you to think and question and grow on many different levels.

If you have any GENERAL questions about a particular topic (for example, "What does it mean if someone has Venus Square Saturn in their Natal Chart?"), PLEASE feel free to ask me and I'll try and respond through this site. If your questions, however, specifically apply to you and your life situation, then I ask that you engage my services professionally. My rates are actually very reasonable; frequently I only need a 15 minute session to help a client solve a problem that's been keeping them awake at night.

I welcome all comments and feedback; whether positive or negative. My goal here is to be of service to the people who I can help; and to bring healing into the lives of all the people who I interact with.